Spin Now


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Image of REPLAY

We joined the spinner community as early as the first outbreak of the spinner craze, and we had a lot of fun seeing everything that has happened in all major groups. However, that craze has faded drastically recently, and people are leaving the groups, selling their spinners etc. We didn't enjoy seeing this happening as we love spinners, so we decided to create Spin Now - the title was intended to be a prompt for the spin fam to not stop spinning! Keep spinning and spin now!

Our first product is called the Replay. With this release, and the tone of my messages to the community, I was hoping to rejuvenate the exciting scenes I used to see in the groups during the height of the craze. During the production of this product we worked from our fascination of organic or curvy designs. The Replay is our representation of the ideal design when it comes to spinners. The idea behind the design was to create an ergonomic, comfortable, perfectly weighted and balanced spinner that would be extremely fun to fidget with. The design went through several design iterations and nothing was left up to chance - we were happy to agonise over every design decision in order to create this ideal version of a spinner.

Material: Titanium
Finish: Polished
Bearing: Full Ceramic
Weight: 67.5g
Diameter: 55mm
Pouch: Nubuck
Extra Bearing: HC2